Coal mining tool



Dec. 24, 1940. N. A. ACORDI 7 GOAL MINING TOOL I Filed Nov. 15, 1959 1N VENTON? mm Esus; J/ MM w 91/ Patented Dec. 24, 1940 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 3 Claims. The invention relates to improvements in coal mining expanding tool in which a sectional tapered wedge operates in conjunction with a pair of grooved guides; the wedge being driven between the guides by means of a hydraulic jack: and an enlarged opening being provided at one end of the guides to hold the jack in position behind the wedge; and the objects of the improvement are, first, to provide a pressure driven expansion tool to be expanded within a drilled hole in a vein of coal; second, to afford facilities for cleaving masses of coal from a solid Vein without the use of explosives; and third, to reduce the hazard, labor, and cost in the mining of coal. One form of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Figure l is a side view of the entire tool. Figure 2 is a vertical section of the tool after the removal of the jack. Figure 3 is a side elevation and an end elevation of the sectional wedge. Figure 4 is a perspective view of the wedge I. Figure 5 is a vertical section on line l-l, Figure 1. The combination guides and yoke 2 consti- 25 tutes the framework of the tool. Within the yoke 2 is contained a suitable hydraulic jack. The wedge l is slidably inserted between the guides 2. Suitable grooves or channels are provided in the inner faces of the guides 2 in which 30 slidably fit the ribs of the wedge I. Members 4-5-6-1-8 are filling blocks for lengthening the wedge. The long narrow portion of Figure 2 is inserted in a drilled hole in the vein of coal and then expanded by forcing the wedge I between the guides 2 by means of the hydraulic jack 3. The jack 3 is then collapsed and the 'filling 5 blocks 4--5--6l8 inserted between the wedge I and the jack 3, and the thrust of the jack is then repeated until the wedge I has traveled the entire length of the guides 2; thereby causing the tool to expand and break the coal from the 10 vein. I claim: 1. In a device for breaking down coal and the like, the combination of a yoke having a base member, a pair of resilient arms each having 15 one end connected to the base member and the other end free to move relative to the other arm, a wedge positioned between the arms, and means for forcing the wedge toward the free ends of the arms to expand the arms to effect a breaking pressure on the coal or the like. 2. In the device of claim 1, a power operated jack positioned between the base member and the wedge for operating the wedge to break down the coal or the like. 3. In the device of claim 1, guide means positioned between the wedge and the arms for guiding the wedge during its movement relative to the arms. NICHOLAS A. ACORDI.



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