Snow booger remover


The finished version of the snow booger removal tool for vehicles originated through experimentation with a wide variety of materials and sizes, over a period of two years. The application was designed to perform the job for which it was intended, be mass produced in the U.S.A., shipped economically and make a profit. After testing numerous prototypes, a predetermined lightweight handle was selected because it could be quickly drilled, cut to accept the replaceable blade and make it easy for the operator to use the application without bending over. A predetermined replaceable scraper blade was selected that would not damage a vehicle's paint or body parts. The blade needed to be replaceable due to the possibility of becoming dull or damaged after prolonged use. Replacement blades are available through the applicant. The nylock nut and bolts were selected for their longevity in maintaining a secure holding of the replaceable scraper blade into the handle.


1 . A handheld utility tool for removing ice and snow deposits from under, on and around a vehicle, comprising: a. a predetermined, removable blade securely attached to a predetermined handle, and b. when used by two hands of operator, said tool can scrape and remove ice and snow deposits that collect and get wedged under, on and around a vehicle in winter, whereby c. use of said tool before entering a garage, allows the operator the means to reduce the wet mess on a garage floor caused by melting ice and snow deposits that collect and get wedged under, on and around vehicles during the winter snow season.
[0001] this functional, novelty, lightweight, but sturdy snow removal tool is made from U.S.A. components, assembled in Minnesota. It consists of a predetermined handle with a hanging hole on one end. The other end of the handle has a slot cut in to contain a predetermined sturdy, flexible and replaceable scraper blade secured by two nylock nuts screwed onto two bolts after they are fitted into two matching holes that are drilled in the handle and scraper blade. [0002] The SNOW BOOGER REMOVER tool is used to quickly and easily remove snow boogers, which consist of chunks of ice and snow deposits that collect and get wedged in wheel wells, behind tires and under the outside edges of a vehicle between front and back tires. The tool handle is held by two hands in order to effectively scrape off the snow boogers on a vehicle BEFORE entering a garage, thus helping to reduce wet and messy garage floors from the melting snow boogers that occur during the winter snow season. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING SHEETS 1 & 2 [0003] FIG. 1 is a top plan view of the assembled utility tool; [0004] FIG. 2 is a side elevation of the tool; [0005] FIG. 3 is a display of the individual components, along with how they are assembled. DECLARATION [0006] This Amended Substitute Specification Sheet contains no new matter, but does clarify previously omitted details presented in the original application submitted Jan 11, 2011. Details of the invention have been expanded upon to conform to Confirmation No. 1175 for application Ser. No. 12/930,778 dated Jan. 18, 2011 and those referenced in the USPTO Formalities Letters dated Mar. 1, 2011 and Apr. 26, 2011.



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