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US-5372242-A: Air blow-off shroud patent, US-5978942-A: STAR-I: scalable tester architecture with I-cached SIMD technology patent, US-6001450-A: Vacuum thermal insulating material and thermally insulating case using the same patent, US-6014993-A: Method and apparatus for configuring component leads patent, US-6065339-A: Vibration gyro sensor, combined sensor and method for producing vibration gyro sensor patent, US-6286449-B1: Camper back boat assembly patent, US-6578807-B1: Cat litter scoop holder and scoop patent, US-6723134-B2: Multi-component lacrosse stick head patent, US-4005082-A: 1H-2,3-Benzoxazines patent, US-4930448-A: Animal toy patent, US-5328452-A: Multi-signal electrical transdermal drug application patent, US-5398859-A: Mechanism for driving fastener supply gear for tag attacher patent, US-5535714-A: Cylinder head arrangement for multi-valve engine patent, US-5824103-A: Tibial prosthesis patent, US-5852701-A: Dispersion-shifted fiber patent, US-6334864-B1: Alignment member for delivering a non-symmetric device with a predefined orientation patent, US-6518396-B1: Method for influencing the optical properties of polymers patent, US-6609663-B1: Marking device patent, US-4994623-A: Process for producing thioalkyl or thioarylphenones patent, US-5755781-A: Embodiments of multiple interconnected stents patent, US-5771839-A: Bird feeder patent, US-5964912-A: Method of controlling glass flow through multiple orifices utilizing reciprocating plungers patent, US-6127824-A: Nuclear quadrupole resonance testing patent, US-6272449-B1: Computer system and process for explaining behavior of a model that maps input data to output data patent, US-4670133-A: Heavy oil coking process patent, US-4972934-A: Bucket distribution system patent, US-5080596-A: Connector with contact spacer plate providing greater lateral force on rear contacts patent, US-5352950-A: Vibration wave driven motor patent, US-5443531-A: Delivery system for biologically active growth or morphogenetic factors and to a method for preparing such a delivery system patent, US-6187026-B1: Surgical instruments patent, US-5079261-A: Use of lipoxin a4 and its derivatives as antagonists for slow-reacting substances of anaphylaxis patent, US-5470280-A: Belt tensioner patent, US-5538009-A: Biopsy needle assembly patent, US-5997132-A: Method and apparatus for improving image quality patent, US-6552845-B2: Optical gain equalizer and optical fiber transmission line patent, US-4876338-A: Synthesis of azetidinones using CuCl patent, US-5361879-A: Extension cord reel patent, US-5561787-A: User interface module patent, US-6462193-B1: Hydroxyazepanes as inhibitors of glycosidase and HIV protease patent, US-6706068-B2: Artificial disc replacements with natural kinematics patent, US-4234150-A: Mechanical arm assembly patent, US-4195643-A: Diagnostic force analysis system patent, US-4291185-A: Alkylation of benzene in petroleum patent, US-4794800-A: Wire sensing and measurement apparatus patent, US-4945200-A: Electrical discharge machine apparatus moving wire electrode guide assembly patent, US-5035821-A: End-capped multifunctional viscosity index improver patent, US-5201402-A: Scraper blade tensioning device patent, US-6117121-A: Absorbent article using extensible leg cuffs patent, US-5186267-A: Journal bearing type rock bit patent, US-5528930-A: Engine misfire detection system and method patent, US-6202493-B1: Methods and apparatus for determining a first parameter(s) of an object patent, US-6682891-B2: Methods of identifying nucleic acid sequences encoding plant riboflavin synthase enzymes patent, US-5103022-A: Process for producing an optically active aminoketone derivative patent, US-6557260-B1: Even-slice pizza cutter patent, US-5379434-A: Apparatus and method for managing interrupts in a multiprocessor system patent, US-5540588-A: Teflon-coated intraoral tissue retraction cord patent, US-5890811-A: Friction slide rail assembly with overmold bearing shell patent, US-6228090-B1: Osteotomy trial mounting device and method patent, US-6063104-A: Detachable, varying flexibility, aneurysm neck bridge patent, US-5845809-A: Protective cover for a compressed gas bottle patent, US-4665983-A: Full bore sampler valve with time delay patent, US-4961605-A: Extendable protective trim patent, US-4930854-A: Optical fiber-to-channel waveguide coupler patent, US-5486274-A: Poly-substituted phthalocyanines patent, US-6373406-B2: Information additive code generator and decoder for communication systems patent, US-5329623-A: Apparatus for providing cryptographic support in a network patent, US-6532697-B2: Production of sod using a soil-less sand based root zone medium patent, US-5882214-A: Electrical connector with contact assembly patent, US-6056702-A: Guidewire with outer sheath patent, US-6622573-B2: Process flow device with improved pressure measurement feature patent, US-6308459-B1: Accordion-type plant cover with attached skirt and methods patent, US-6663910-B2: Method of preparing food products with carrageenan patent, US-5564713-A: Arrowhead with pivotally mounted blades patent, US-6068641-A: Irrigated burr patent, US-5270276-A: Process for the production of elastomeric, primarily syndiotactic polypropylene and catalysts for use in said process patent, US-6423025-B1: Catamenial applicator having a fingergrip patent, US-6608203-B2: Tetrahydroisoquinoline compounds as estrogen agonists/antagonists patent, US-4868736-A: Code operated access control system for electronic data store patent, US-6381740-B1: Method and system for incrementally improving a program layout patent, US-5634012-A: System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works having a fee reporting mechanism patent, US-5910554-A: Highly cross-linked polymeric supports patent, US-5666330-A: Disciplined time scale generator for primary reference clocks patent, US-4713457-A: Ergoline derivatives and acid addition salts thereof patent, US-6126197-A: Lightweight discoidal filterless air bag inflator patent, US-6278600-B1: Electrostatic chuck with improved temperature control and puncture resistance patent, US-6126969-A: Immediate release/sustained release compressed tablets patent, US-6238423-B1: Apparatus and method for treating chronic constipation patent, US-6707561-B1: Sensor platform, apparatus incorporating platform, and process using the platform patent, US-5557514-A: Method and system for generating statistically-based medical provider utilization profiles patent, US-6056943-A: Methods of ultrasound imaging using phospholipid stabilized microbubbles patent, US-3761048-A: Molds for ablative injectors patent, US-3770774-A: Process for purifying crude chloromethyl dihydrosafrole and piperonylbutoxide therefrom patent, US-378303-A: Egg-preserver patent, US-3788975-A: Simultaneous production of aromatic hydrocarbons and isobutane patent, US-3792164-A: Ophthalmic composition comprising water-soluble alkaloid salts of polyuronic acids patent, US-3793296-A: Heterocyclized polymer patent, US-3803533-A: Edge connector patent, US-380996-A: Umbrella-hanger patent, US-38142-A: Improved provision-cooler patent, US-3823265-A: Code-controlled teleprinter having a type cylinder which can be adjusted by means of a stepping motor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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