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US-2013021969-A1: Method of Performing Retransmissions via Different Transmission Points and Related Communication Device patent, US-2013047793-A1: Loosening tool patent, US-2013309130-A1: Reduced temperature sterilization of stents patent, US-2014039858-A1: Method and apparatus for discrete element modeling involving a bulk material patent, US-2014122599-A1: Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent, US-2014342834-A1: Mobile agents for manipulating, moving, and/or reorienting components patent, US-2015058009-A1: Apparatus and method for providing messages in a social network patent, US-2015088490-A1: System and method for context based knowledge retrieval patent, US-2015154920-A1: Hue sequential display apparatus and method patent, US-2010295393-A1: Polyphase stator for an internally ventilated rotating electrical machine, and rotating electrical machine comprising such a stator patent, US-2011026641-A1: Cyclic Delay Diversity in a Wireless System patent, US-2011085473-A1: Communication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable patent, US-2011106951-A1: Dividing cloud computing service into individual jobs such that legal auditing requirements are satisfied and presenting plan for distributed execution of individual jobs patent, US-2011238798-A1: Communication device patent, US-2012059550-A1: Electric power steering system patent, US-2012104921-A1: Merchandising platform and handle apparatus for a merchandiser patent, US-2012191014-A1: Method and system for measuring chest parameters, especially during cpr patent, US-2013027350-A1: Stylus and touch input system patent, US-2013082070-A1: Fluid dispensing device patent, US-2013103230-A1: Control device patent, US-2014129961-A1: Tool for managing user task information patent, US-2014207561-A1: Method and Apparatus to Create a Mash-up of Social Media Data and Business Data to Derive Actionable Insights for the Business patent, US-2015000234-A1: Air filter arrangement having a carburetor patent, US-2015003438-A1: Inter-unit transfer support using mobile internet protocol patent, US-2015109997-A1: Apparatus, system and method of interfacing between a cellular manager and a wlan access device patent, US-2015137460-A1: Sealing structure patent, US-2015169562-A1: Associating resources with entities patent, US-2010317932-A1: Respiratory function measuring apparatus patent, US-2011025219-A1: Discharge lamp lighting apparatus patent, US-2011026241-A1: Backlight unit patent, US-2011043313-A1: Power distribution transformer and tank therefor patent, US-2011055911-A1: Business validation based social website account authentication patent, US-2011181228-A1: Method and Apparatus for Controlling of a Servo-Drive patent, US-2011238294-A1: Vehicular navigation device patent, US-2012068587-A1: Recessed storage compartment patent, US-2012204373-A1: Snow booger remover patent, US-2012269361-A1: Network Addressible Loudspeaker and Audio Play patent, US-2012298770-A1: Fragrance Emitting Apparatus For Use With USB Port patent, US-2013137288-A1: Systems and methods of coupling electrical conductors patent, US-2013249670-A1: Door lock system patent, US-2013264411-A1: Wall-Mounted Expandable Toilet Tissue Roll Storage Means patent, US-2014033580-A1: Protective Cover And Graphic Transfer Assembly patent, US-2014218854-A1: Tilt mechanism for information device patent, US-2014220518-A1: Electronic Reading Device patent, US-2015068836-A1: Acoustic Core Which Can Be Built Into A Structure patent, US-2015073712-A1: Method for Estimating a Logging Tool Response in a Layered Formation patent, US-2010254620-A1: Image decoding apparatus and image decoding method patent, US-2010302698-A1: Overcurrent protection circuit and method of protecting power supply circuit patent, US-2011119766-A1: Method, device and system for protecting software patent, US-2011208063-A1: NON-CONTACT FREQUENCY DOMAIN NEAR INFRARED ABSORPTION (fNIR) DEVICE FOR ASSESSING TISSUE DAMAGE patent, US-2011216094-A1: Display device and screen display method patent, US-2012216553-A1: Method for determining wire connections in a vapour compression system patent, US-2013214514-A1: Airbag apparatus of vehicle patent, US-2014170929-A1: Interacting toys patent, US-2014202036-A1: Footwear for exercise patent, US-2011000565-A1: Hydraulic oscillating motor patent, US-2011021322-A1: Trampoline patent, US-2011093244-A1: Analysis of Transcriptomic Data Using Similarity Based Modeling patent, US-2011138042-A1: Performance information collection method, apparatus and recording medium patent, US-2011158173-A1: System for distributing broadband wireless signals indoors patent, US-2011216134-A1: Liquid ejection head, liquid ejection device patent, US-2011221481-A1: Gate drive circuit patent, US-2012248124-A1: Disposable plates and bowls with attached utensils patent, US-2013016497-A1: Retractable electroluminescent display system patent, US-2013185714-A1: Installing software onto a client through a network, and corresponding client patent, US-2013219035-A1: Dynamic group creation and traffic flow registration under a group in a group key infrastructure patent, US-2014000574-A1: Muffler and engine-driven work machine patent, US-2014085685-A1: Image reading device patent, US-2014110386-A1: Compressible end-fitting for welding gun liner patent, US-2014166260-A1: Method for controlling a mechanical vibrating element patent, US-2014341196-A1: Transmission Method, System, and Communication Device for Realizing Coexistence of Data and Voice Services patent, US-2014342612-A1: Low inductance bus bar connection patent, US-2014365363-A1: Secure integrative vault of consumer payment instruments for use in payment processing system and method patent, US-2015006293-A1: WiFi Proximity Messaging patent, US-2010299866-A1: Cyclonic surface cleaning apparatus with externally positioned dirt chamber patent, US-2010301185-A1: Pivot mount assembly patent, US-2011092912-A1: Catheter assembly including internal bolster patent, US-2011119338-A1: Email composition and processing patent, US-2011150104-A1: Communication apparatus, integrated circuit, and communication method patent, US-2011208835-A1: Method, system and apparatus for distributing multimedia data patent, US-2012013070-A1: Air hockey table patent, US-2013062866-A1: Airbag System patent, US-2013066624-A1: System and method for enabling communication between a rich communication service system and a non-rich communication service system patent, US-2013182674-A1: Transmission of Reference Signals patent, US-2013185941-A1: Method for manufacturing vehicle body frame patent, US-2014012094-A1: Wearable patch comprising multiple separable adhesive layers patent, US-2014067915-A1: Terminal device and data communication method thereof patent, US-2014108779-A1: Dynamically recommending changes to an association between an operating system image and an update group patent, US-2014180741-A1: System and method for automatic allocation of mobile resources to tasks patent, US-2014197180-A1: Heated mug patent, US-2014214925-A1: Remote access to an application program patent, US-2015067637-A1: Method and system for specifying and enforcing extensibility of software applications patent, US-2010246215-A1: Isolated dc-dc converter patent, US-2010276256-A1: Multi-mode and multi-pitch conveyor system patent, US-2014101820-A1: Headwear having size adjustment device patent, US-2014129505-A1: Social event recommendation system patent, US-2014171874-A1: Indwelling needle assembly patent, US-2014178830-A1: Guidance element for a tooth patent, US-2010319922-A1: Methods of Fracturing Subterranean Formations Using Sulfonated Gelling Agent Polymers patent, US-2011009519-A1: Mono ethylenically unsaturated polymerizable group containing polycarbosiloxane monomers patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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